The Facilities at ALKYONI

The ever-increasing number of animals being accepted and hosted by ALKYONI in the first three years of its operation inevitably created a need for expansion to new, larger facilities. The solution kindly came from the Holy Monastery of Logovarda of Paros, who granted us 12,60 acre plot in the area of Kamares of Paros in which to establish our new Alkioni facilities.

In the winter of 1997-98, engineers and architects of the Association presented their ambitious plans to completely renovate the space into one of Europe’s most organized and well-equipped wildlife hospitals.

From March 1998, when work began, until June 2000, when we held the inauguration of the new Alkioni facilities, we welcomes 112 volunteers from all over the world, who came to Paros specifically to help us set up our new center.

Even the money for the purchase of building materials was gathered through donations from private friends of the Association and through sponsors of the new facilities. Let us take you on a tour of our center, starting from the building, which we find shortly after the central entrance.

In the 220 sq. metre stone building are housed:

  • Surgery
  • First aid room
  • Animal feed preparation room
  • Environmental Education Space
  • Main office
  • Volunteer dorms
  • Volunteer kitchen
  • Volunteer and visitor bathrooms
  • Storage spaces

In 2011, with the generous sponsorship of the STAVROS NIARCHOS Foundation, we were lucky enough to have a Photovoltaic Park installed on the premises of our center which completely covers our energy needs.

To the west of the clinic begins a trail which leads our visitors to the observatory which overlooks the space in which we house disabled aquatic birds.

Our visitors should be aware that the observatory is the only place to see some of the birds hosted in ALKYONI. This is because the wild birds in captivity suffer from anxiety which is heightened by any human presence, as well as by the sound of human voices.

The space in which we house disabled aquatic birds is a 1.5 acre fenced area, containing an 35 sq. metre artificial lake. Dozens of fast-growing trees have been planted since the spring of 1998 so that today the landscape resembles a woodland.

East of the clinic is the 800 sq. metre fenced area where we host disabled cinereous vultures.

Το μεγαλύτερο έργο- μετά το κτίριο- που αφορά τις νέες εγκαταστάσεις της ΑΛΚΥΟΝΗΣ, είναι οι συνολικής έκτασης 1000 τετ. μέτρων κλειστοί κλωβοί, στους οποίους φιλοξενούνται όλων των ειδών τα υπό περίθαλψη πουλιά.

Οι 19 αυτοί κλωβοί, έχουν κατασκευαστεί κατάλληλα για κάθε είδος που πρόκειται να φιλοξενήσουν και διαφέρουν σε μέγεθος, από (6 μέτρα μήκος Χ 3 μέτρα ύψος Χ 2 μέτρα πλάτος), ο μικρότερος για τη φιλοξενία των μικρών πουλιών, έως (20 μέτρα μήκος Χ 4 μέτρα ύψος Χ 6 μέτρα πλάτος), για τη φιλοξενία των απελευθερώσημων μεγαλόσωμων αρπακτικών πουλιών.

To the west of our land there are three more wooden, prefabricated storage spaces measuring 7×6 meters each.

In the north part of the plot, nine more large enclosures have been built in which to host birds.

Since March 1998, more than 800 trees have been planted on the estate, and space has been left throughout the center to allow for building extensions new enclosures in the future.

The sponsors of ALKYONI and 112 volunteers from around the world have worked tirelessly in the last 2.5 years to create an ideal space, specially designed for the treatment, rehabilitation and re-release of wild animals and birds.